Yes, I spell Alexx with TWO X's. That's because two is better than one ;) I am a 30 year old traveling photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Primarily focusing on intimate weddings and elopements. Let's get a bit more personal, shall we? I got my first camera back in 2003. When I discovered photography, it was the first time in my life I truly felt I had found my passion! You know the butterflies in your stomach when something feels right?! That's the feeling! Using my families silver point & shoot camera (that used one AA battery I might add) I became addicted. I was hooked to learning and growing like never before. Since then that feeling has never gone away. I am obsessed with learning everything there is to know about posing, lighting, equipment, techniques and every little detail in between!! As I have evolved, so has my photography. When I first launched this business in 2018, I never expected it to turn into a full blown career... but I am so DAMN happy it has!!

alexx with two x's

Lets Get To Know Each Other Better

fun facts about me

  1. Iceland
  2. Scotland/Ireland
  3. Glacier National Park
  4. Yosemite
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Caribbean Islands

Here are a few places I would like to visit again, or for the first time in 2023. What makes it even sweeter? I'll be offering discounts for these destinations! 

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Dominican Republic
  3. Mexico
  5. Iceland

Upcoming 2023 Travel

It wasn't until my photography really started kicking off that I discovered my love for destination weddings and traveling! I have been able to travel to amazing international places such as Greece, London, Hawaii, Jamaica and Aruba for photography! That's not even including the incredible domestic places such as the Tetons, Glacier National Park, New York, PNW, and countless other places closer to home. Discovering beauty in every location is something I look forward to every single time. AND!! Hey, who doesn't love to travel?!
So whether your dream elopement is in the desert of Moab, Utah or your intimate wedding is in the Italian countryside; you can trust I will be there! Rain or shine, I'll be right there by your side.

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I've never felt more comfortable and beautiful. She is magic. We’re obsessed with not only how beautiful these photos turn out but also with how much fun the whole experience is! The best decision we made for our wedding day was to hire her for the full package of engagements, bridals and the full wedding day. Now we’re addicted and she’s done multiple family sessions for us as well 💕 Thank you thank you thank you!!!

"The best decision we made for our wedding day..."

Gabrielle Hawkes

Alexx is the best out there! She has captured so many special moments in my life, every session I am so grateful for! From my outdoor wedding, to my indoor new baby family shoot & more, she knew what she was doing and captured the best moments. Her talents are amazing but her personality is what sets her apart. You start with a photographer, but end of with a friend. 

"Her talents are amazing but her personality is what sets her apart."

Tayler Turnovec

Working with Alexx for my wedding was a highly enjoyable, seamless experience. Not only is she a talented photographer but she is such a genuine person. I’m so grateful she was able to accommodate my wedding in Aruba. From the beginning, her friendliness made me feel like we’d known each other for years. Alexx truly captured every joyous moment of the day, and a HUGE thank you to her for sticking around for the drum solo and dancing all the way until the end. I would not hesitate to recommend Alexx to others!

"I would not hesitate to recommend Alexx to others!"

Jessica + Adam

Alexx came to be my videographer for my wedding and she was so amazing. My hype girl during bridals and my right hand woman cleaning cookie crumbs and melted chocolate off my dress on her hands and knees. Making sure I looked perfect for my reception. She never once wasn’t happy. She’s always laughing and just overal amazing to be around.
 I love her! Her style is 😍😍 soooo good.

" right hand woman cleaning cookie crumbs and chocolate off my dress..."

Ashlynn Poulson

I have worked with Alexx multiple times and I can tell you, she is the best. I have done boudoir, family and maternity, portraits and mommy & me. She has been wonderful every single time and my photos are always gorgeous.
If you want a photographer that's going to make you feel seen, comfortable and valued, Alexx is your girl.

"a photographer that's going to make you feel seen, comfortable and valued"

Shyanne Pilch

Photos are scary, trying to find the “right” fit to feel comfortable to express your vision to a photographer and let them work their magic is hard. But the buck stops with Alexx. I can NOT express it enough, you will NOT be disappointed. She will give her expert advice for one and at the end of your session you’ll want to remain friends.
And to top it all off she is so so so talented.

"I can NOT express it enough, you will NOT be disappointed."

Jessica LAVIN

Alexx is not just your average photographer. From the moment I requested a quote, to the first call we had to talk about my reception, to somehow being lucky enough to rope her into coming to Jamaica with me and all my crazy friends to film my actual wedding, the reception a month after that, an additional family wedding photos a month after that, and now another shoot coming up a year later with her, she was and is an absolute STAR. She helped with makeup and hair, she helped calm me in my moments of wedding anxiety, commanded my group of 11 crazy people in Jamaica so she could get all the shots she knew I wanted, and had the best time doing it and being a part of our day. 

"Alexx is not just your average photographer."

Jessica + Adam